Extempore is fully LTI Compliant, and can therefore be integrated into a number of learning management systems.

In order to request the required codes to integrate Extempore into Canvas, please follow the steps detailed in this article.

Once your integration is complete and you have Extempore Assessments built into your Canvas assignments, your students can answer them, either from within Canvas, or from the Extempore Student Portal or mobile apps.

If your assessment is graded (ie. you used a rubric in Extempore in order to provide a numeric score) and you want the Extempore assessment grade to appear automatically in your Canvas grade book, there are a number of additional requirements. If after clicking the "Send Grades to Canvas" button your students are not appearing in the Canvas grade book, or they appear with a score of "0", please check the following:

Your Canvas assignment must have a points value

Extempore will convert grades when they are sent to canvas (a 5 out of 10 in Extempore will appear as a 50 out of 100 in Canvas, for example), but only if the Canvas assignment has been configured to have points. If there aren't points, all Extempore assessments will appear as a "0" in the grade book.

Canvas Assignment

Please note: if you forget to assign points before your students answer, you can edit the assessment and add them after the fact. Then simply click "Send Grades to Canvas" again from the Extempore grading page and the systems will synchronize.

Your students must log into Extempore from within Canvas

This step is required so that the accounts can be linked (Canvas needs to know that "Student John" in Extempore is "Student John" in Canvas). Without this step, no grades will appear on the Canvas gradebook.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 4.14.58 PM

Your Students need to take the assignment from within Canvas

In the same way that Canvas and Extempore need to link accounts, they need to link assignments. This means that for a student's grade to appear in the Canvas grade book, the assessment needs to have been clicked from within Canvas. It's this clicking that connects the two.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 4.21.15 PM

Students only need to click once for each assignment to be connected. After that, they can continue on the Extempore mobile apps if they so choose.

If you are still seeing issues after seeing these steps, please contact Extempore Support.

Entering Grades Manually

If you prefer to enter your grades manually, you can export from the Extempore grade book and import into Canvas. Please read this article in the Canvas Knowledge Base for CSV requirements.

What to check first?

  1. If you've already integrated Extempore into Canvas, see step 2. If you have not, Complete Steps on "How to Integrate Extempore into Canvas" before moving on.

  2. For Graded Assessments, (ie. a Rubric is present to provide a numeric score) it's important that students

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