If you use TalentLMS, you can very easily make Extempore part of your courses. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Request a Consumer Key and Secret to connect the two systems

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to contact your institution’s TalentLMS Administrator in order to initiate this process.

In order for TalentLMS and Extempore to be able to communicate, the first step is for your institution to request a Consumer Key and Secret. Extempore will generate these two codes and your institution’s TalentLMS Admin will input them into the system.

How does my TalentLMS Admin request a Consumer Key and Secret to integrate TalentLMS and Extempore?

Please visit this web page in order to initiate the process. The Extempore team will contact the requestor within 24 hours with the required information.

1. Access your TalentLMS Course and click "add"


2. Select </>iFrame


3. Name your assignment


4. Select how do you want to show the new Extempore assignment

"Embed" will show Extempore within the TalentLMS frame. "Pop Up" will open it in a new window.


5. Enter the URL to the student portal

Please note that the full URL is required, including the protocol. Please enter it exactly as follows: https://student.extemporeapp.com/


6. Click "Embed" and you will see the Extempore Student Portal as your students will see it.

All they have to do is log in with their Extempore username and password and they can start doing their homework!


7. Click "Save and view" to make the assessment live.


8. If you want to use Chrome and an embedded assignment

As a security measure, Chrome will not allow camera access in an embedded assessment unless the code is modified. Please follow these steps to allow camera.

8.1. After you click "Embed" (Step 6 above), select the "Code View" button


8.2.- Replace the code with the lines below

<iframe src="https://student.extemporeapp.com/" allow="microphone; camera" width="100%"></iframe>

8.3.- Click save and view

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