PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Consumer Key and Secret to complete the following steps.

I have the Consumer Key and Secret. What do I do now?

Extempore can be integrated into Schoology in two different ways. The first being at the institutional level and the second being at the course level.

How to Add Extempore at the Institution Level (Schoology Recommends This)


  1. Click System Settings on the left menu of your System Admin home page.

  2. Click Integration (directly below System Settings) in the left navigation menu.

  3. Select External Tools tab at the top of the page.

  4. Click Add External Tool Provider.

  • Fill out the necessary information in the pop-up window:
    o Tool Name: Extempore App
    o Consumer Key: we will provide this upon an integration request.
    o Shared Secret: we will also provide this upon an integration request.
    o Privacy: choose what information is sent to the publisher upon launch of the tool.
    o Configuration Type: select manual.
    o Match By: designates which information will automatically populate when an educator is
    adding an external tool to a course.
    o Domain: If the URL used to add the external tool to a course contains the designated domain, then all the tool settings will automatically populate.
    o URL: enables educators to select a tool provider and automatically generate the proper
    o Domain/URL: input the domain or URL of Extempore, which we can provide.

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