Step 1: To Edit an Assessment, navigate to the Class where the assessment is located. Click the 'Edit' icon for the assessment you would like to edit.

Step 2: Edit the settings you would like to change and click Save at the bottom.

These are the following four scenarios and what instructors are able to make changes to:

  1. If no student submissions, then the assessment is fully editable(All properties and the Rubric.

  2. If there is only instructor-student submissions and no student submissions, full editing capabilities are still allowed(All Properties and the Rubric). This allows the instructor to be able to evaluate Extempore before there are actual student submission. During this evaluation, the instructor will likely be changing Assessment settings and adjusting the Rubric. Then, they will also View as Student and Submit as the instructor-student so that they can evaluate the end to end flow of Extempore end to end. From Creating the assessment, student submissions, and finally grading and feedback.

  3. When students start submitting, we lock down the Rubric so that the instructor cannot modify it. All other options not related to the Rubric in the Assessment stay active and editable.

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