Step 1: Login to Extempore’s website using your username and password


Step 2: Choose the Grading tab.


Step 3: Once on the grading screen, follow one of the 3 following steps to locate and View the assignment or assessment.




Filter by Class

Quick Search

Click View to start grading and providing feedback

Step 4: You’ll be taken to your chosen assessment and see the questions and students within the assessment.




Toggle to Grade by Student or by Question

Click 'Play' to listen to the student submission

Adjust the Playback Rate of the recording to be efficient

Step 5: The first question answered by the first student will be automatically displayed. You can now start grading and move to the next question (or student if you choose to grade student by student).

Step 6: If you chose to use a rubric, simply move the sliders to give the students their scores. Extempore keeps a running tally of the score for you and stores it within the Extempore gradebook.

  • You may also enter text feedback (even if you’ve chosen not to use a rubric).

Step 7: You can also use our most popular feature: audio feedback.

Simply choose Add Audio to directly record audio feedback for students.

  • Your voice feedback will start and you’ll see a flashing green I’m Done Recording icon. When you are finished, choose I’m Done Recording.

  • You may then listen to audio feedback (press the arrow), delete the audio feedback (choose the X), make any necessary changes to the rubric and/or text feedback, an or Submit Feedback.

Step 8: Once you’ve submitted feedback, you may still may changes to it before it is published to students. Simply choose Edit Feedback to do so.

Step 9: Mistakes do happen. Perhaps a student’s little brother interrupted them while she was recording. Perhaps another student’s battery died in the middle of answering a questions. If you’d like to delete a student attempt so he/she can complete a question again, choose the Delete Attempt button. The student can then complete the question again.

• To prevent mistakes, a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm you choice. If you’re sure, choose Delete and the question will be reset.

Step 10: When done with each student, click on Submit Feedback & Next Student to continue grading. When you reach the last student, the system will return you to the grading home screen.

PLEASE NOTE: submitting feedback is not the same as publishing. When you are ready for students to see and hear your feedback, you’ll need to Publish the grades. See our section on Publishing Grades for details.

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