Extempore will automatically grade your assessment's multiple choice questions based on the correct answers that you have designated!

  • You can still view each student's multiple choice submissions and decide when to publish the grades.

1. Click on the Grading tab and select the assessment you would like to grade.


2. You will be able to see each of the answer choices for the question that you are viewing. If the student answered correctly, there will be a green checkmark next to the correct answer and it will note that the student received full points for the question. To review the question prompt, click View Prompts.


3. Questions that were answered incorrectly will note that the student did not receive points. Their incorrect answer choice will be designated by a red X, while the correct choice will have a dull green checkmark.


4. If you haven't set your assessment to Publish Grades Immediately, you can publish the multiple choice grades to the grade book by clicking Publish Grades. The grades will then be available under the Gradebook tab.


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