Teachers can't grade, provide feedback, or listen to all of the conversations that are happening on the various conferencing platforms. By combining Extempore with your conferencing platform, now you can!

What's Needed?
A video conferencing platform like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams and Extempore.

What does it look like?
A video for what students will see and what teachers will see at the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Creating the assignment on Extempore

  1. Create an Extempore Assignment

  2. Assessment Type: Individual

  3. Student Responses: Video

  4. Add your Rubric

Step 2: Creating the Question(s) on Extempore
(Copy/Paste text below in Question Text or create your own version OR Click Here to copy the template used for this example)

1. Open Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams and keep Extempore open at the same time.

2. Connect with your group on Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams.
3. Unplug your headset and use your computer speakers.
4. All group members must click "Record" on Extempore at the same time. (1.2.3 Record)
5. Have a conversation with your group. Make sure to stop and submit the recording on Extempore when done.

Student Example: Conversation via Zoom and Extempore

Teacher Example: Grading and Providing Feedback on Student Conversations
(Please excuse background noise due to a recording of a recording for the example below)

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